The double girder overhead crane manufactured by Weihua Crane is sent to Ukraine

double girder overhead crane

The QD160/32t-18m double beam bridge crane manufactured by Weihua Group was successfully delivered to the Ukrainian mine
Product parameter
1. Improve the positioning accuracy of crane inspection and repair, and the jog accuracy is less than 2mm to ensure accurate positioning during inspection and repair
2. The lifting height of the whole vehicle is 50m, adopting the independent patented technology of Weihua Group, which effectively avoids the problem of entanglement and messy rope that may occur in the hook group with large lifting height
3. The whole vehicle span is 18m, adopts Weihua's overall standard electrical cabinet layout, compact structure and reasonable layout, and electrical control is safe and reliable.
4. The design and manufacture of the whole machine fully meet the local safety regulations and acceptance standards of Ukraine
Weihua Crane is highly praised by Ukrainian customers
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