Weihua Crane Intelligent Coating Production Line

In recent years, Weihua Crane has actively responded to the call of "Made in China 2025", taking the lead in the lifting industry to apply large-scale structural parts automatic coating, building 6 intelligent coating production lines, and carrying out emission control from the source, process, and end. Realize the intelligent and green product coating.

Weihua Crane Intelligent Coating Production Line

01 Cleaner environment
The capture rate of waste paint mist produced by Weihua cranes in the painting process is more than 95%; the exhaust gas treatment efficiency can reach more than 98%, and the VOC exhaust gas is discharged after reaching the standard; the paint slag is sent to the hazardous waste treatment company for centralized treatment and discharge; the configuration is reduced Noise measures, the maximum noise around the equipment does not exceed 80dB, and the ambient noise of the operators does not exceed 85dB. The application of the fresh air system improves the working environment and reduces occupational health hazards.
 Weihua Crane Intelligent Coating Production Line
02 More stable beat
The Weihua crane production line realizes the full coating process assembly line operation, taking into account the connection of the front and rear processes, the layout is reasonable, the logistics is smooth, and the production is convenient. The intelligent coating production line can complete the coating operation of the main beam of a crane in 30 minutes. Compared with manual operation, the coating production efficiency is increased by more than 8 times.
 Weihua Crane Intelligent Coating Production Line
03 More energy saving
The pre-treatment, spraying, drying, forced cooling and other operating areas of Weihua cranes are independently and fully enclosed. Thanks to the application of centralized paint conveying system, automatic spraying system and air-conditioning circulating air technology, it can effectively reduce line water and electricity , Gas energy consumption, spraying production line operating cost is about 15% less than traditional production line.
 Weihua Crane Intelligent Coating Production Line
04 Better quality
The constant temperature coating system of Weihua Crane controls the working environment temperature of 23℃±2℃, the temperature of the drying room is kept at 80℃, and the spraying quality is more stable; the application of constant pressure centralized paint delivery system and automatic spraying technology, fine spraying Higher degrees can greatly improve the appearance quality of products.
Weihua Crane Intelligent Coating Production Line
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