Ship Unloader

  • Working Class:A7,A8
  • Ambient Temperature:-25~40℃
The bridge-type grab ship unloader is a kind of important cutting-edge unloading equipment in the wharf. Considering that the foregoing ship unloader can play an important role for the system's working efficiency, it has been widely applied to all kinds of ports. As a result, the bridge-type grab ship unloader has developed into the main ship unloading machinery in the bulk importing area in the wharf by right of its maturity, reliability, strong adaptability of ship type and commodity, high production efficiency, high automation degree, low failure rate, convenient maintenance and other advantages.
It is worth mentioning that our company's bridge-type grab ship unloader has also developed into the most commonly used ship unloader in the bulk port. It can be suitable for the 3,000t-250,000t degree bulk ships.
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