Portal Crane

  • Product Type:MQ
  • Lifting Capacity:30-80T
  • Span Length:Above rail 40m; under rail 30m
  • Working Class:A7, A8
  • Ambient Temperature:-25~40℃
Portal crane is a multi-purpose crane machine which is extensively applied to loading and unloading all kinds of cargos at various working site. The main structure is steel frame. The lifting tools can be grab, container spreader, hook and electromagnet, etc. This crane has two different type according to the working demand: stationary type and travelling type.
Portal crane can meet high efficiency work requirements, with the advantage of heavy lifting capacity, calm movement, high working efficiency, safety and reliability, compact frame, comfortable operation, nice appearance, convenience maintenance and so on. It can work perfectly in the limited space of the port, yard and other places, and is excellent on truck transportation, ship loading and unloading. And especially at the general use port, portal crane is a kind of material handing machine which can bring you swiftness benefit with small investment.
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