• Kingpost crane
  • Kingpost crane
  • Kingpost crane
  • Kingpost crane

Kingpost Pedestal crane

  • Hook Load (MT): 50-150
  • Boom Length (ft): 80-170
Weihua kingpost cranes are suitable for a variety of platforms including fixed platforms, jack-ups and deep water floaters. Prime mover arrangements, combined with a newly re-designed hydraulic system, offers safe, reliable simultaneous multi-function operation without sacrificing performance. Weihua also offers a wide array of optional features and equipment to allow the customer to configure cranes exactly to their specifications. From cold weather steel all the way to LED Lighting, Weihua cranes have a solution to fit your needs.
Kingpost crane
* Provides either diesel hydraulic or electro-hydraulic prime mover arrangements
* Main and auxiliary hoists mounted inside the boom for easy visibility by the operator and to prevent the crane operator from “two blocking” the hooks into the boom when lowering
* Climate controlled operator’s cabins are spacious and ergonomically designed to minimize operator fatigue and have high visibility for increased safety
* Operator’s cabins and machinery rooms are sound insulated to minimize noise and increase operator comfort and safety.
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