Mobile Ship Loading Machine

  • Lifting Capacity: 500-4,500t/h
  • Particle Size: 0-300mm
The mobile ship loading machine loader is a large-scale bulk materials handling machinery used for loading the bulk materials to ships in the wharf. A ship loading machine consists of cantilever crane, cantilever crane belt conveyor, flexible chute tube, tripper car, traveling device, gantry frame, tower, pitching device, etc.
Features of Mobile Ship Loading Machine:
1. This machine runs along the wharf with good maneuverability, flexible operation and strong adaptability of ship type.
2. The cantilever crane can only make pitching and extension-retraction movement to cooperate with the traveling trolley via its extension and retraction for the sake of changing the charging position of chute tube, thus it can save the slewing drive and bearing, and makes the machine more simple and portable.
3. The machine has herringbone structure, adopt the tubular profiles instead of plate-girders as the main stress components, therefore, the plate shearing, welding and other procedures are reduced in the manufacturing process to reduce the manufacturing and processing difficulty and shorten the manufacturing period.
4. It uses the flexible chute tube to reduce the dust pollution during the ship loading.
5. The complete machine is intensively controlled by PLC, the main mechanisms is controlled by frequency control mode to realize stable operation without impact.
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