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Yacht Crane

  • Lifting Capacity: 10t ~ 800t
  • Remote: Remote control
The yacht crane is a rubber tire gantry crane for handling of yacht and boat. It is composed of main structure, traveling wheel group, hoisting mechanism, steering mechanism, hydraulic transmission system and electric control system. The gantry crane has a N type structure, which allows boat/yacht height surpass crane's height.
According to different needs, the yacht crane is able to handle different tonnage boats and yachts (10 ~ 800 tons) from the shore side. This crane can be employed for maintenance of boats on the shore side or put a new yacht into the water. This yacht handling crane is with soft but firm belt to lift the boat without hurt to the surface. This crane also can put the boat or yacht in sequence quickly with small gap between each boats.
Features of Rubber Tire Yacht Crane:
1. For the crane tires running, this yacht crane can move in diagonal direction, it can also steer in 90 degree and put the boat in any designated position.
2. The width of his yacht crane main girder can be adjusted in case to handling different width boats.
3. This yacht handling crane is cost effective with high performance, simple operation and maintenance.
4. Remote control.
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