Rail Mounted Container Gantry Crane

  • Product Type:RMG
  • Lifting Capacity:35ton under spreader
  • Span Length:16m
  • Working Class:A6, A7, A8
  • Ambient Temperature:-25~40℃
1.1 Rail mounted gantry crane is a kind of rail mounted crane used to offload, stack and load 20ft, 40ft, 45ft ISO standard containers. Its provision of power is offered by cable reel. The crane contains three mechanisms: hoisting, trolley travelling and gantry travelling. The trolley running along the track mounted on gantry beam is capable to serve among legs. The rail mounted gantry crane is able to make straight movement along rails.
Design condition
Lifetime 20 years
Loading cycle 2 million
1.2 The crane is equipped with appropriate flexible hydraulic container spreader, which is connected to trolley through the upper frame and wire rope system.
And the hydraulic power comes from spreader itself, and we just provide the power supply and communication.
1.3 Hoisting mechanism and trolley travel are able to work simultaneously or separately with load; the same applies to gantry travel and trolley travel.
1.4 Electrical drive of main working mechanism is equipped with full digital AC frequency convertor, PLC speed governor and constant power adjustment device for hoisting mechanism.
1.5 The crane has a monitoring and management system. It has the function of data collection, analysis, management, and fault diagnosis and is also able to deliver the main parameters and operating conditions to the electrical room, cabin and control centre for monitoring and control.
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