Engineering Gantry Crane

  • Capacity:40~100t
  • Span:20-40m
  • Lifting height:9-12m
  • Ambient Temperature:-25~40℃
Engineering Gantry crane is a special gantry crane which is developed on the basis of general gantry crane according to the operating requirements and working conditions of underground construction.
The engineering gantry crane consists of crab, gantry, trolley, traveling mechanism, hydraulic turnover mechanism, cab and electric equipment.
On the crab is furnished a hydraulic turnover mechanism, which is composed of a hydraulic work station and a slag-turning hook.
At the middle of the carrier-beam is a hook, which is used to lift common articles.
The trolley traveling mechanism is 4-wheel drive in 8 wheels. The motor fixed on the trolley drives wheels by vertical speed reducer. A windproof rail clamp is equipped. It is detached from the rail when the crane is in normal operation, and when the crane stops working, the operator will put down the clamp to catch the rail so as to avoid the crane sliding.
The earth dumping direction depends on the construction site.
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