• Subway Construction Crane
  • Subway Construction Crane
  • Subway Construction Crane

Subway Construction Crane

  • Lifting Weight:16t-45/16t
  • Span:18, 22, 26, 30m
  • Working Duty:A6
With the expansion of cities and growthing of traffics, many big cities are suffering from "urban disease" - serious traffic pressure. To solve this problem, people start to build subways. It is comfortable, fast and convenient, and becoming an important way of travel in urban cities.
For the subway construction, the construction equipment, especially the cranes and shield excavators, are becoming more and more important. As a leading crane manufacturer, Weihua has rich experience and many project case of subway construction gantry crane.
The main role of subway construction crane is for slag handling during subway tunnel construction. This kind cranes are used for lifting the dregs/slag excavated by shield excavator to the ground or lifting other site material.
Features of Subway Construction Crane:
1. Variable span, improve crane adaptability. With the span-changed function of Min. step-length 100mm, this gantry crane is suitable for various working conditions.
2. Cantilever can be detachable, more flexible. The cantilever is detachable, also can preserve the cantilever interface which will be flexible for different working conditions.
3. Travels fast, high work level, high efficiency;
4. Long lifting distance;
5. Tilting spreader with automatically tipping. The subway construction crane is equipped special spreader and realize the interchange of dregs bucket and the hook.
6. Lightning protection system AND wind speed detection warning system.
7. Overturn hook realizes overturning the dregs at any position in the air. Overturning dregs system is controlled by hydraulic which makes it more stable.
8. The trolley is rotatable, which can transport slags from the front and side.
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