• FEM DIN Standard Gantry Crane
  • FEM DIN Standard Gantry Crane

FEM DIN Standard Gantry Crane

  • Lifting Capacity: 10t, 20/5t, 32/5t, 50/10t, or other
  • Lifting Height: 10m, 12m or other
  • Span: 18~35m, 18~26m, 26~35m, or other
  • Work Duty: A5
FEM/DIN standard gantry crane is a new generation gantry crane made in line with FEM, DIN and other European standards, with the features as follows:
1. European standards, leading technology.
2. Reliable quality, long service life.
3. Small size limit, low energy consumption, reducing plant construction investment.
4. The overall processing, high precision, low noise.
5. Modular design, easy transportation and installation.
6. Frequency control, smooth operation, high efficiency.
7. Electric anti-swing technology, accurate positioning, safe and reliable
Why Choose Weihua FEM/DIN Gantry Crane?
1. High standard design, advanced manufacturing process.
2. High-quality parts, reliable quality, long service life.
3. Light weight, small size, low construction costs, low energy consumption.
4. International leading crane anti-swing technology.
5. European quality, favorable prices.
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