Friction Electric Winch

  • Cap.:10-55T
  • Lifting speed:single/VVVF
  • Rope capacity:MAX4800m
JMM friction electric winch is gear reducer transmission electric winch.
This series of electric winch is mainly used to pull over long distances large and super large concrete, steel structure, tight wire, wire rope, its features are that wire rope speed is constant, lifting is steady, it is widely used for engineering construction of bridge, port and wharf and for electrical equipment installation of large factories and mines.
1. Cap.:10-55T
2. Lifting height:4800m
3. Lifting speed: single/VVVF
4. Voltage:220v/380v/400v/415v
5. Push button or cam control or remote control
6. Siemens or Schneider electric system
7. Current overload protection function, voltage lower protection function.
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