CD1/MD1 Wire Rope Electric Hoist

  • Capacity:MAX 32t
  • Lifting height:MAX 30m
  • Working class:M4
  • Ambient Temperature:-25~40℃
CD1/MD1 model wire rope electric hoist is a small-sized lifting equipment, it can be mounted on single girder overhead crane, single girder gantry crane and jib crane. It could also be used as a winch after slight modification. It is essential in raising working efficiency and improving working conditions, so it is widely used in factories, mines, harbors, warehouse, cargo storage areas and shops.
CD1 model wire rope electric hoist can satisfy normal application as it has only one normal speed, while MD1 model electric hoist provides two speeds: normal speed and low speed. With low speed, precise loading and unloading can be done, die assembly of sand box, maintenance of machine tools, etc, hence, MD1 model electric hoist is more widely used than CD1 model.
To meet the needs of lifting heavier cargo, our factory also manufactures HC model big capacity electric hoist.
Wire rope Electric Hoist applies to such an environment as no explosive danger, no fire, no corrosive media and no dirt exist. The elevation is below 1000m, the wetness is no higher than 85%, the temperature is between 20℃ below zero and 40℃ above zero. It is banned to lift poisonous, melted metals, combustible and explosive objects. The applicable power source is 380v~660v, 50 Hz or 60 Hz , 3Ph.
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