Weihua analyzes the cause of engine heating in cranes in the industry

The crane is a kind of hoisting machinery, which is a kind of machine for circulation and intermittent movement. Weihua Group is a company specializing in the production and sales of cranes. A working cycle of the crane includes: the picking device lifts the article from the picking place, then moves horizontally to the designated location to lower the article, and then performs a reverse motion to return the picking device to the original position for the next cycle. The following Weihua Group will introduce the reasons for the excessive temperature of the crane engine:

1. The cooling system has too much scale and poor heat dissipation.
2. The cooling system is leaking or the cooling water is insufficient.
3. The water temperature gauge indicates failure or failure.
4. The engine is overloaded for a long time and the oil supply time is too late.
5. The pump and fan belt are too loose or broken.
6. The thermostat is damaged in the main valve closed position.
7. The pump is damaged, the fan blades are reversed or deformed, and the wind ring is damaged.
8. The radiator shield net or the radiator core air passage is blocked by debris, resulting in poor heat dissipation.
      Weihua Group analyzes the reasons for the excessive temperature of the crane engine in the industry, and knows the reason to think of the correct solution and operate the crane equipment correctly.
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