Preparation and notices for gantry crane construction

The gantry crane is a bridge crane with a horizontal bridge frame mounted on two legs to form a portal frame. This kind of crane runs on the ground track, mainly used in the open storage yard, dock, power station, port and railway freight station. Gantry crane hoisting mechanism, car running and bridge structure, basically the same as the overhead crane. Because of the large span, most of the cranes are driven separately to prevent the crane from being skewed and increase resistance and even accidents. The cranes of gantry cranes run on the bridge. Some
 hoisting trolleys are a jib crane.
gantry crane
Gantry crane construction preparation work

The gantry crane is a type of bridge type crane in which the horizontal bridge is placed on the two legs to form the shape of the gantry. The cranes operate on ground tracks and are mainly used for handling and installation operations in open storage yards, docks, power stations, ports and railway freight stations. In order to improve the installation time of the gantry crane, what needs to be done before installation?
1. Check the integrity of the accessories and electrical system, and prepare the required roads;
2. lay a good foundation, flatten and compact the low, the relevant specifications should meet the acceptance criteria of the construction unit;
3. Carry out the inspection of the track foundation beam and measure the straightness and levelness;
4. Do a good job in checking the documents of the construction personnel;
5. Advance preparation of relevant tools, installation technical documents, personal safety guarantees, etc.;
6. Issue a written notice of commencement of work;
7. Check the integrity of the equipment;
8. Carry out the installation and layout of construction power supply and lighting equipment.

Gantry crane operation method

1. When lifting heavy objects, the hook wire rope should be kept vertical, and it is not allowed to slant the object to be slanted.
2. The heavy objects to be hoisted should be positioned with the center of gravity and tied firmly. It is good to apply a wooden mat with an acute angle.
3. The crane must not make a rotary motion until the heavy objects are lifted off the ground.
4. When lifting or lowering heavy objects, the speed should be even and stable, avoiding sharp changes in speed, causing heavy objects to sway in the air, posing danger. When dropping heavy objects, the speed should not be too fast, so as not to break heavy objects when landing.
5. When the crane is hoisted, try to avoid the landing gear. The lifting weight must be 50% of the specified weight when lifting and lowering the boom.
6. When the crane is turning under heavy lifting conditions, it should pay close attention to whether there are any obstacles around it. If there are obstacles, try to avoid or remove them.
7. There must be no personnel to stay under the crane boom and try to avoid passing personnel.
8. Two cranes work on the same track, and the distance between the two machines should be greater than 3m.
9. When two cranes are hanging an object, the lifting weight shall not exceed 75% of the total lifting capacity of the two cranes. The two cranes shall be in the same direction of movement and lifting.
10. Lifting and luffing wire ropes should be inspected once a week and made a record. The specific requirements are to be implemented in accordance with the relevant provisions of the lifting wire rope.
11. When the empty car is moving or turning, the hook should be more than 2m away from the ground.
12. When the wind exceeds six levels, stop working immediately. TMK should turn the boom to the downwind direction and lower it properly to hang the hook. The gantry crane must lay the iron wedge (the rail stop) and raise the hook to the upper limit. At the same time, close the doors and windows, cut off the power supply, and pull the cable. You should also do this after you have completed your work.
13. It is strictly forbidden to stack any objects on the crane platform to prevent people from falling in the operation. The tools used frequently should be placed in a special toolbox in the operation room.
14. During operation, it is not allowed to shift suddenly or reverse, so as to avoid causing heavy objects to sway in the air, and it is not allowed to activate more than two (including auxiliary hooks) operating mechanisms at the same time.
15. When driving, the operator's hand must not leave the controller. When a sudden failure occurs during operation, measures should be taken to safely land the heavy objects, and then the power supply is cut off for repair. It is strictly forbidden to check and maintain during operation.
Precautions of gantry crane
1. The weight exceeds the crane's rated lifting capacity.
2. The weight of the heavy object is unknown.
3. The signal is unknown.
4. Heavy objects are not tied.
5. Open-air operation encounters severe winds such as strong winds and heavy rains and fogs at the sixth level (the upper level of the beam).
6. Night work lighting is not good.
7. Diagonal pull.
8. The wire rope is severely worn and broken, and some people are on the crane or in the machine room for maintenance.
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