Winch parts damage and adjustment methods

Winch parts damage and adjustment methods

1. When the parts are cracked, they should be replaced immediately;

2. When the brake friction pad wear amount reaches 50% of the original pad thickness, it should be replaced;

3. When the working surface of the brake wheel wears 2~3mm, it should be replaced (large diameter, large value, small diameter, small value);

4. When the spring is plastically deformed, it should be replaced;

5. When the pin shaft or shaft hole diameter wear amount reaches 5% of the original diameter, it should be replaced;

6. When the hoist is in a relaxed state, the gap between the brake band (block) and the brake wheel should be uniform. The clearance value is: brake belt and brake wheel 1-2.5mm; brake block and brake wheel 0.25~lmm, The brake should be adjusted beyond this requirement.
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