Weihua Group&IGT F.Z.C.(Dubai) Jointed Hands for Middle Asia Market

Weihua Group&IGT F.Z.C.(Dubai) Jointed Hands for Middle Asia Market.jpg
On 9th September, remarkable step was made by signing up the contract for authorized non-exclusive rights to IGT F.Z.C.to create the middle Asia market, and it means Weihua Group conducted new movement in development global market.
IGT is a highly professional company and the biggest one in the material handling business in the Mid-Asia. IGT fulfilled orders for more than 100 million USD over the past several years.
Weihua Group attracts the cooperation with IGT, which has been devoted to the supply and logistics operations since 2007 and enjoyed great reputation in Dubai, on base of high-quality and widely-known honorary . According to the agreement, IGT shall reach the first-year products sales target of Weihua products, including the overhead traveling crane,general gantry crane,rubber-tyred container gantry crane,rail mounted container gantry crane,ship to shore container gantry crane,etc.And the contract has been effective for 3years if there is no termination happens.
Both parities indicate the agreement is a long and won-won cooperation and also expect the good news coming soon.
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