Weihua Group Won the Bid for 2,000t Gantry Crane Project

Weihua group won a bid from China Guangdong Nuclear Power Lufeng Marine Engineering Base. It is a lift capacity 2,000t rail-mounted gantry crane project at hydraulic engineering base.

2000t Gantry Crane

This gantry crane mainly serves for the representative anti-sway control system and synchronous lifting of the wind power equipment at the production base. It is particularly important for the turning, assembly, closing, loading and unloading operations of the wind power tower. It carries out the transportation, loading and unloading of large-scale offshore wind power equipment cabin, fan hub, wind power tower, steel pipe piles and blades.
 2000t Gantry Crane
1. Large lifting weight and high lifting height:
The lifting weight is up to 2,000t, the total lifting height is up to 90m, and the span is up to 62m, which solves the lifting problem of important marine equipment.
2. Nuclear industry standard, the world's highest safety level:
The gantry is with a double-trolley structure and each trolley is equipped with two sets of lifting mechanisms, which can ensure that the lifting heavy objects can be safely lowered to the ground under extreme conditions. The manufacturing process uses the Nuclear Industry Quality Management System to monitor the entire process to ensure that the product quality is completely controlled.
3. Smooth start-up and zero-speed braking:
It can realize the zero-speed braking of each mechanism, reduce the load caused by the impact to zero, ensure the stability of the operating mechanism and the lifting mechanism, and meet the requirements of equipment installation accuracy.
4. Four-point simultaneous lifting and simultaneous operation of all points:
It uses four lifting points synchronous lifting technology, by measuring the location of each lifting point, to ensure that each lifting point runs synchronously.
5. Real-time monitoring of working conditions, predictive maintenance of equipment:
It is equipped with crane management safety monitoring 5G data information management system, which can realize the functions of overall data statistics, real-time monitoring of product working conditions, historical data query, rapid repair of product failures, and predictive maintenance of equipment.
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