Double girder overhead crane delivery to Australia

Country: Australia
Product: 10t double girder overhead crane,
LH type, Span 15m, H=9m
Operation mode: Ground control + Remote control
Electrical parts: Siemens brand
This project stared in 2013.10, the client wanted to buy one set of overhead crane for his workshop. The lifting weight would be 5t or 6t or 7t most time, but the working time is a little long. He requested lifting height of 9m, but his workshop is not so high, we should to save the space.

Finally, we make a deal of LH double girder overhead crane. After confirmed the technical parameters, price, delivery time, drawing, etc., we begin to produce and finished on February 27th.
The shipment time was April 5th of 2014, and the client received the crane in May. He found some engineers there to installed and already began to use it in July the first.
Make our clients` work easier and safe is one of our pursue!
Double girder overhead crane delivery to Australia
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