• Anti-Sway Cranes
  • Anti-Sway Cranes
  • Anti-Sway Cranes
  • Anti-Sway Cranes

Anti-Sway Cranes

  • Advantages of Electrical Anti-swing Control System:
  • 1. Reduce the waiting time of swing, so that the crane's work efficiency increased by 30% or more.
  • 2. Improve the safety of crane operation and reduce the risk of injury to personnel and operating areas.
It is known that swaying is a big problem for safety and efficiency operation of overhead cranes and gantry cranes. To this end, Weihua develop advanced crane anti-swing control system for the cranes through the establishment of the precise load swing movement mathematical model. This anti-swaying system of cranes controls the traveling speeds of the crane and trolley to eliminate load swing by 95%.
Weihua cranes with electrical anti-swing control system can be widely used in various industrial fields such as machinery manufacturing processing workshops, assembly plants, waste disposal plants, steel mills, power plants, shipyards, construction sites, railways, container terminals, paper industry, metallurgy Industry, etc.
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