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Air Cushion Belt Conveyor

  • Product Name: Air Cushion Belt Conveyor
  • Mateiral Bulk Density:500-2,500kg/m3
  • Band Width:500-1,400mm

As a kind of new-type heavy-tank-type belt conveyor which can realize the large transport capacity, the air cushion belt conveyor can apply air cushion to replace the supporting roller bearing and change the rolling friction of supporting roller belt conveyor into fluid friction, as a result, it has reduced the tractive forces of driving device and the operation resistance of belt conveyor. Meanwhile, when there are the same transport capacity and conveying process, the power consumption is saved for 15-30% than the supporting roller belt conveyor.

Structure Principle:
1. Sweeper 2. Transmission roller 3.Trough roller 4. Draught fan 5. Materials groove 6. Redirection roller 7. screw take-up device 8. Hood 9. Rotary controller 10. Headstock 11. Tape 12. Observation hole door 13. Enclosed fitting  14. Gas tank joint 15. Lower parallel roller 16. Pull switch 17. Tension protection  18. Non-loaded cleanser 19. Tail
Basic Structure Type:
1. Full air cushion opening type
2. Full air cushion sealing type
3. Blending opening type
4. Blending sealing type
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